(Green Beauty) Skincare Journey | Current Morning and Night Routine

When I started getting acne in my late teens (after high school and during undergrad), the first thing I did was turn to beauty magazines, TV commercials, and Google. Mostly, I turned to harsh products. All I wanted was to have clear skin – I don’t think I was at a state where I was … More (Green Beauty) Skincare Journey | Current Morning and Night Routine

Three Bows

she prays. knees bent to the hard floor. in certain angles of light, her hair glistens in a shade mixed between mahogany and burgundy. autumn brown. maroon. a necklace of black beads rests in her hand, as she feels its slick surface with her fingers, softened from work. i wonder what she prays for. is … More Three Bows

Back to Basics

I think if I could choose an every day outfit from my closet, this would be it. Loose tee. Light blue jeans. Practical bag. Comfy and kind of conventionally ugly (in a cute way) shoes. Minus the shoes and hat (see below), I think my mom would 100% approve. If I’m not wearing Des’s old grey … More Back to Basics


Hi! Welcome to what I hope will be a central online space for me to grow, document, and share things that I love, feel challenged by, and am constantly trying to process and learn more about. I hope you can join me. During the past few years, I’ve bounced around the idea of using my … More Beginnings