Hi! Welcome to what I hope will be a central online space for me to grow, document, and share things that I love, feel challenged by, and am constantly trying to process and learn more about. I hope you can join me.

During the past few years, I’ve bounced around this idea of using Instagram/ a blog (I’ve gone through so many!) as a platform to create content that I wish I saw more of online. Maybe I haven’t been digging deep enough on the interweb, but I hope by creating and wholeheartedly committing to my own blog where I get to center all the things I’m passionate about, I can meet others with similar interests and aspirations!

This includes my love for: slow fashion, natural beauty, and music, in addition to my interests in: food(ways), intersectional Teochew/Asian American identities, social justice, community health, and community economic development. I hope to combine these personal and academic interests through storytelling, visuals, and other creative work!

I’m super excited and nervous for what this will become and the conversations that may come out of it. Let’s talk!