jiat beung. sik faan. 吃饭.

Let’s eat!

I’ve been thinking a lot about food(ways) nowadays. From the things I’ve been learning about in my classes to my mommy and bah’s cooking to the growing visual and physical contrast of the traditional/immigrant-owned shops and new hip eateries in Los Angeles Chinatown, I’ve been rethinking my relationship to food in different aspects (culture, environment, labor, nutrition, art, organizing, gentrification, etc). I’d love to share a meal with you – virtually and in real life!

  • #jiatbeung | where I share the meals I have at home and the stories behind the food 
  • Small eatery highlights
  • From the Garden to the Streets | highlighting ethnic foodways as sites of storytelling and organizing. In the case of Los Angeles Chinatown, how does foodways provide the possibilities to envision a community that continues to support the working poor immigrant residents at the threat of gentrification?