Cartoon Outfit | My Favourite Pair of Overalls

And actually my only pair – but just for now!

You know how cartoons always wear the same outfit? Lisa and her orange dress and pearls. Arthur with his yellow long sleeve sweater, blue jeans, and red sneakers. (You can obviously tell that I haven’t watched cartoons in awhile or that my TV know-how is limited to 90s childhood favourites.)


If my life was a cartoon, my outfit would include these white overalls because I honestly think I could wear these every day. Throw on a cropped tank or old t-shirt underneath and you’re good to go. Overalls are low-maintenance (even if you have to essentially take off everything when you go to the restroom – it’s not that bad!) and my favourite thing to wear because they’re easy to style.

I bought these American Apparel ones from someone else’s closet on an app called Depop where people can sell clothes they no longer wear and buy secondhand. I’ve been using this app for the past year or two on and off, but have really liked the things I’ve bought! I highly encourage you to check out Depop or similiar apps when you want to buy clothes before buying new straight from the companies themselves.

Even though I do my best to only shop from brands that are slow fashion and have ethical standards of production and doing business (respecting their workers’ rights to living wages and safe and healthy working conditions), I really want to consume less and create less waste whenever I can, so buying/inheriting secondhand or borrowing from my friends and family’s closets is a great option! It gets me to develop a more meaningful relationship to the pieces I do wear and make room for only things I know I’ll use for a long time.

Here’s me styling it with a comfy grey T for something more lowkey and with a dainty off-the-shoulder top for something more dressy.

Yes, yes I am standing in a garden.




With my favourite pair of potato sack looking shoes from Hobes.



What would your cartoon outfit be?


P.S. Here’s to me feeling more comfortable and happy in my own skin, clothes, and beauty. I hope you’re able to find ways to remember and revel in your own beauty too.





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