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I think if I could choose an every day outfit from my closet, this would be it. Loose tee. Light blue jeans. Practical bag. Comfy and kind of conventionally ugly (in a cute way) shoes. Minus the shoes and hat (see below), I think my mom would 100% approve.

basic 4.jpg
Des (best friend + photographer) and mom hate this hat, but I will fight to keep my outdoor hats!! (Yes, there’s another one)
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

If I’m not wearing Des’s old grey T-shirts, I’m wearing a tee from Everlane.

A few years ago, when I first transitioned to slowing down, taking my time to think through my buying choices, and learning more about where the clothes I bought came from (production, quality, cost, labor, love, and all), Everlane was the first company I found and loved. I’ve been reevaluating my entire closet ever since, wishing I didn’t buy so many non-versatile pieces from the mall during my late teens/bb 20s. But it’s okay! Now I’m here, simplifying and feeling really happy when I get to wear the same tee in different ways (or the same way… twice a week…).

Their tees might be pricey or inexpensive depending on who you ask. I know that $20-$35/tee can sometimes still feel pretty heavy on the wallet, especially for me – someone who grew up in a working class household, used to mostly wearing hand-me-downs from brothers or hand-me-ups from younger cousins and not being able to/not okay buying new clothes for myself. Now that I’m older and have a bit more access to money I can spend on non-necessities, I try to think of things this way when I do decide to buy: investing in one nice, quality versatile basic will last me longer (timewise and interest-wise) than two or three $10 tops from the mall. I try to apply this way of thinking to most, if not all, my purchases.

Anyway, I feel so comfy in this outfit. What’s your favourite thing to wear and feel good in?

Check out their site for more info on their vision of “radical transparency”, where they break down their pricing and share a bit about their factories.




Striped Tee | Everlane

Light Wash High-Waisted Jeans| American Apparel

Dad Sandals | Birkenstocks

Great Outdoor Hat Gifted from Auntie | Colombia

Glasses | Warby Parker

Belt | American Apparel


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